Victor Glidden 2


Total Engine Airflow is proud to announce our new GV-2 edelbrock head. the ultimate inline cylinder head for Small Block Fords. It features an 11.25* valve angle with raised intake and exhaust runners that flow huge amounts of air. Give us a call 330-634-2155 to talk about your combination or custom requirements.


Fully CNC ported Intake(306cc), exhaust, and combustion chambers

Competition multi angle valve 55* intake and 50*exhaust valve job

Custom CNC machined pushrod areas to allow for use of 1/2" pushrods

Hand blend valve job into porting

Flow test with sheet included

Flat mill

Custom Blueprint Assembly insuring all tip heights are equal

Victory-1 Titanium valves Intake and Exhasut Standard, Inconel ex is optional

PAC RACING DUAL DRAG RACE springs with PAC Ti retainers to handle .900 or.950or 1.00" included

Ductile seats installed standard Copper available

Lift Intake Exhaust
0.100 65 56
0.200 137 121
0.300 221 183
0.400 301 233
0.500 360 269
0.600 395 291
0.700 410 302
0.800 422 306
0.900 431 309
1.00 440 311
* Tests conducted at 28" of water, on 4.155" bore, 1/2" radius, exh. pipe

Due to the custom nature of this product it is not available for online ordering! Please call us.

Watch this head being ported here-

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