NGK Racing Spark Plug

PN: NGK-4091

Universal Application

These NGK racing spark plugs are great for high-octane racing fuel, nitrous, and supercharged applications. They use an iridium center electrode for the ultimate in performance, creating a hotter spark, which means better combustion, and require a lower ignition firing voltage.

Shorty Spark Plug No
Resistor No
Manufacturer Heat Range 7
Electrode Core Material Copper
Electrode Tip Material Nickel alloy
Insulator Type Non-projected
Spark Plug Thread Size 14mm
Spark Plug Reach 0.750 in.
Spark Plug Seat Style Gasket
Wrench Diameter 5/8 in.
Ground Strap Quantity One
NGK Part Number R5671A-7
Quantity Sold individually.

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